The most memorable trip of your life? Your tours, of course. The most pressure-to-plan trip of your life? Don’t fret, lovebirds. We’ve sought the advice of a travel expert who knows how to plan epic couple tour. Travellers are unique people. When everyone else is satisfied with the status quo, travellers are ready to set off and get outside of their comfort zone. Travellers would rather spend a month exploring exotic corners of the globe than spending money on an expensive television, and they’re always adding to their travel bucket list and making plans for their next romantic getaway.

For travelling couples, there’s no better travel way to experience the world than with someone by your side. Just like travellers on their own, jet-setting couples have their own travel “personalities” and are looking for lots of different things from their experience. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we’re digging into the 5 types of travelling couples we find on our journeys, and what romantic getaway they should choose this year!