Honeymoon” is the most exciting and dreamy word to a newly married couple. A couple gets more and more time and chance to know each other perfectly and can spend their life starting time with heavenly feelings in the honeymoon. The honeymoon is the key for you to make friendship and share love with your better half. So, if you are seeking for the honeymoon packages to spend romantic and loving time with your soul mate, then we are here, the Global Explore Private Limited.

Planning of a memorable and enjoyable honeymoon starts with choosing an amazing and exciting place which makes you romantic and happy. The selected place, which gives you a heavenly feeling, is the most suitable place for your honeymoon with your partner. Love depends on the mind, depends on the situation, and depends on the place and the weather also. So if you are worried about finding perfect destination, then you must travel with our tour agency.
We are offering you a handy list of the best honeymoon destinations from around the world and in Bangladesh also.

So, let’s start to describe the pros and cons of our honeymoon spots.

We describe some of the romantic and demanding destination for you to choose your honeymoon spot which is consisting wonderful natural sight and historical background.


Honeymoon Packages of Nilgiri:

Nilgiri Resort is the top honeymoon destination of Bangladesh. The beautiful hilly natural sights and clouds of the Nilgiri are the main attractions for honeymooners. Some beautiful sightseeing places of Nilgiri are Bogalake, Chimbuke etc. living in Nilgiri means living with the touches of clouds, which makes you more romantic.

Honeymoon Packages of Mermaid Beach Resort:

Mermaid beach resort is another honeymoon track of Bangladesh. If you want to spend some private time with your partner near to a sea beach, then it is the perfect place for you and your partner.

Honeymoon Packages of Sajek Valley:

Sajek Valley is the second option for the honeymoon after Nilgiri Resort. It is run by the Bangladesh Army, Rangamti. The main attractions of the destination are its relative height, huge rock blocks, adjoining valleys and ridges, passing clouds, modern tourist facilities.
Along with these destinations, you can enjoy your honeymoon on Cox’s Bazaar, Saint Martin, Bandarban and many others honeymoon spots of all over the country.


Honeymoon Packages of Rome:

Rome is the capital city of Italy; the city is a World Heritage site in the world. The great view of Rome makes you fascinated, seductive and romantic. Start your honeymoon in Europe from this city, and melt with love with your beloved.
It will make your honeymoon colorful and memorable. You can stay in Rome for 5 to 7 days.

Honeymoon packages of Venice:

Another honeymoon destination in Italy is Venice, which is built on the foundation of Love and Romance about 6oo years ago. The scenic view of Venice can promise to provoke every romantic feeling in the heart of both of you
The place will make you happier and satisfied. You can stay Venice for 4-5 days.

Honeymoon packages of Florence:

Florence is known as the “City of Music” of Italy. If you are a music lover then go there and experience the tune of love with your partner. You can also experience the fabled architecture and world-class art in this city. You can spend 3-4 days here.

Honeymoon packages of Paris:

Paris, the capital of France, is known as the “City of Romance” to the World. The iconic medieval architecture, chic boutiques and irresistible cuisine of the city is a lover’s paradise. You can spend your loving time here for 7-10 days.

Honeymoon Package of Bordeaux:

The city of France is the city of Wine. The making process of Wine of the Bordeaux is the world-class process of Wine making. Enjoying a glass of world class Bordeaux wine with your sweetheart is the most enjoyable experience of your honeymoon tour. You can choose to spend a loving and a dreamy day with your better half in Bordeaux.

Honeymoon Packages of Marseille:

Marseille is one of the most demanding and top honeymoon places in France, Europe even all over the world. The views and multicultural urbanites are perfect and enjoyable to the newlyweds. The city can be reached in a three hours train journey from Paris.

Honeymoon Packages of Cote d’Azur or French Reverie:

If you both are the lover of modern art then visit the Cote d’Azur of France. Laden with numerous masterpieces, picturesque landscapes, and azure seas make you more romantic and give you the chance to enjoy your loving moments.

Honeymoon Packages of Madrid:

Madrid is the capital city of Spain, the top most honeymoon destinations of Europe. Madrid is overflowing with the marvelous architectures, scrumptious food, and a thumping nightlife, which give you the amazing feelings of love. It is one of the enjoyable honeymoon destinations for you.

Honeymoon Packages of Seville:

Seville an authentic city of Spain hosts the effervescent fest, Feria de Abril. It is the birthplace of Flamenco. The Scenic views of the city are brewing up adoring chemistry between honeymooners. You can spend 4-5 days here with your beloved.

Honeymoon Packages of Barcelona:

Barcelona the fabulous port city in Spain welcomes all you couples with the vivacious culture, extraordinary medieval architecture and a world-class drinking and dining scene. You can spend 2-3 days here with your sweetheart.

Honeymoon Packages of Zurich:

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and one of the top European Honeymoon destinations of the world with an artsy feel. Start your honeymoon from the city and collect a lifelong memory from here.

Honeymoon Package of Interlaken:

Interlaken is a thrilling city of Switzerland. If you both are interested in doing something thrilling and adventurous then go to Interlaken and enjoy amid the outstanding vistas of the Alps here

Honeymoon Packages of Athens:

Athens is an amazing natural and romantic love recess of Greece. It’s a summer love the longer a unique place that gives you the experience of ancient civilization as well as a vibrant living culture. You will enjoy a vibrant and loving moment with your love mate in the scenic view of Athens.

Honeymoon package of Goa:

Goa is one of the most scenic and romantic honeymoon Destination of India. It has a lot of elements to melt your love with chemistry. The balmy shores, fiery glasses of Feni and the shimmering sun in the backdrop expose you to fall in love over and over again.

Honeymoon packages of Kashmir:

Kashmir is another top place of honeymoon in India. The lines of wildflowers, the snow-clad mountains and the spectacular Dal Lake in Kashmir will give you lovely moments with your beloved partner.

Honeymoon Packages of Kerala:

Kerala is known as “The god’s own country”, is one of the beautiful and romantic destinations for newlyweds in India. The beautiful backwater, soak in the salubrious air and indulge in exclusive spa therapies are its main attraction.

Honeymoon Packages of Darjeeling:

Darjeeling is the dreamland for the honeymooners of India. The Himalayas scenic views, deep green valleys, Worlds rarest animals and the tea in Darjeeling are the most attraction to the honeymooners. Taking a cup of tea of Darjeeling with the beloved is one of the romantic moments to newlyweds.