Seniors are the foundation and founder of our lives. They have a lot of sacrifices for us. But in the age of old, they have retired from the job and become alone. They spend their leisure time with boring feeling and have nothing special to do. They want to spend some free time with joy, excitements, and happiness with your life partner or alone.
So you can give them a special gift, a memorable and enjoyable senior citizen tour package. They may spend a part of their life with joy and refresh.

Planning of a memorable and enjoyable tour starts with choosing an amazing and exciting place which makes us adventurous and happy. The selected place, which gives us a heavenly feeling, is the most suitable place.
So if you are worried about finding the perfect destination for senior citizen tour packages, then you must travel with our tour agency, the Global Explore Private Limited.

We are offering you a handy list of the best Senior Citizen travel destinations from around the world and in Bangladesh also.

So, let’s start to describe the pros and cons of our senior tour spots.

We describe some of the demanding destinations for you (50-65 age) to choose your Senior Citizen Tour destinations. They are consisting wonderful natural sight and historical background.


Senior Citizen Tour Packages of Cox’s Bazaar:

Cox’s bazaar is one of the longest and largest sandy sea beaches with the line of the mountain of Bangladesh. This beach is the most popular destination in the tourism world. The scenic view of sea refreshes the mood of seniors. There are a lot of amazing spot and topics to enjoy, which are the most attractive to them.

Senior Citizen Tour Packages of Saint Martin:

Saint Martin is another tourist track of Bangladesh for seniors. If you want to spend some Private time with nature near to a sea beach, then it is the perfect place for you.

Senior Citizen Tour Packages of Rangamati:

Rangamati is a hill track area of Bangladesh, along with the sky touching the mountain, hanging pool and Water Lake. The natural sights of Rangamati give you a heart touching feeling.

Senior Citizen Tour Packages of Bandar Ban:

Bandar ban is another tourist spot of Bangladesh. It is the biggest mountain district of Chittagong division, which is rich with many mountain rivers.

Besides these Spots, there is a lot of tourist spots in Bangladesh for the Senior citizen.


Senior Citizen tour package of Goa:

Goa is one of the most scenic and romantic honeymoon Destination of India. It has a lot of elements to make you nostalgic. The balmy shores, fiery glasses of Feni and the shimmering sun in the backdrop expose you to refresh your mind.

Senior Citizen Tour Packages of Kashmir:

Kashmir is another top destination in India for Senior Citizen. The lines of wildflowers, the snow-clad mountains and the spectacular Dal Lake in Kashmir will give you lovely moments in your old age.

Senior Citizen Tour Packages of Kerala:

Kerala is known as “The god’s own country”, is one of the beautiful and thrilling destinations for seniors in India. The beautiful backwater, soak in the salubrious air and indulge in exclusive spa therapies are its main attraction.

Senior Citizen Tour Packages of Darjeeling:

Darjeeling is the dreamland for the seniors of India. The Himalayas scenic views, deep green valleys, Worlds rarest animals and the tea in Darjeeling are the most attraction of to the seniors. Taking a cup of tea of Darjeeling with the fresh air is one of the memorable moments to you.

Besides these destinations, there are a lot of destinations for senior’s tour. The destinations are Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and many other Asian and European destinations for the senior citizen.

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